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Steamy Lesbian Anal Threesome



The all natural and all gorgeous anal whores, Dakota Skye, Casey Calvert and Aiden Starr, come together for one of the hottest lesbian anal shoots to date! The threesome gets down and dirty with strapons, dildos, fisting and more!


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Anal sluts, Darling, Cici Rhodes and Syren de Mer come together for one hot, perverted and dirty anal threesome in a back alley. The girls have fun with some cream pies, anal fisting, ass licking, huge toys and rosebuds.


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Anal Squirting Sluts



Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv stuff their holes with toys, squirt all over the place, and strap-on fuck each other in this soaking wet and steamy shoot. Two of the sexiest and kinkiest anal sluts come together with exploding chemistry. You can’t ask for more!


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Lesbian Maid Ass Worship



Two anal queens, Veronica Avluv and Katrina Kox, come together in this sexy instant anal classic, bringing you amazing chemistry and kinky role-play. This scene includes the best anal action like large anal toys, stretching, strap-on sex, ass licking and fisting!


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University Anal Whores



Mandy Muse and Lyla Storm are the naughty university girls you dream about. They sneak into their professor’s office with a lesson plan of their own. The girls take turns exploring and worshipping each other’s pretty pink ass-holes in this super hot shoot.


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Maid for Punishment


Gabriella Paltrov does her cleaning chores in steel shackles but does not live up to her Mistresses expectations and she receives a firm punishment with spanking and anal toys from Krissy Lynn! These two go the full nine with stretching, fisting, and a to top it off a little bit of fucking.


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A Tale of Two MILFS

Two beautiful horny women Ariel X who is taking a pause from the mat on Ultimate Surrender and getting it in the ass from everyone’s favorite MILF Syren De Mer. These two hot butt sluts give an intense and passionate show with ass worship, giant strap-on cock, ass stretching, anal fisting and double fisting! Enjoy!


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Anal MILF Domination!


Milf Syren de Mer is back again with the big titted Mikki Lynn who eagerly submits to anal domination and ass fucking from hot super Milf Syren de Mer! The most explosive shoot ever. Don’t miss out!


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Sultry blonde gets fucked by a strap-on and a big dick both in her ass and cunt while forced to eat pussy

I think that in any kind of business you have to be mean and aggressive in order to get what you want, a thing that is rational and understandable if you want to be successful but if there is something that I have learned in this life, that is that in sex it is exactly the same: if you want it to be good it has to be brutal sex.


And if you so happen to be that kind of person that enjoys mixing business with pleasure than you will love this BDSM video that portrays mostly two women getting their asses abused by toys and a dominating man, in an office and having a great time in the meanwhile.


One of the ladies is more firm in offering the other some rough pleasure so he treats the more submissive working, white collar woman with a big, vibrating toy that she sticks in her welcoming ass hole while she is bent over on her desk.


After having had her ass probed seriously with that aggressive toy, it is time for the man to make his entrance in her tiny ass hole so he bends her over and dives inside of her, directly while grabbing a fistful of hair and making the more submissive blonde lick the brunette’s delicious ass hole. She is then turned over and fucked hard in the ass once more while the brunette with black lace stockings straddles the blonde’s face and cums all over it.


It is only after this that the more dominating brunette takes out her strap-on, shoving it inside the blonde’s cunt while the man is still pounding her ass hole. Then this sex slave finally has her release, cumming with two large objects inside of her.


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Kinky redhead fists her own ass while a blonde schoolgirl sucks off a dominating man’s cock in school

Sometimes kids nowadays need to be given a taste of their own medicine. If it is hardcore sex that they want, then they should experience it to see if it is really like it is shown in pornography. This beautiful, horny, little blonde schoolgirl is in for a real treat from her favourite professor that decides to show her what is truly means to have her little ass fucked properly.


During class, this blonde minx always showed interest in more kinky topics like erotic literature and more specifically, brutal sex in English novels so her favourite professor decided that what she could really use is some brutal anal sex. But this not-so-innocent girl cannot be fooled and brutally fucked by her teacher alone so her teacher invites her husband along also.


All of the fun starts off when professor takes out a double ended dildo that she shares with her favourite student, one end being in the professor’s ass and one in the naughty schoolgirls’. Her teacher always knew how to detect her most sultry students by the way they dressed, even this cute blonde had no panties underneath that plaid skirt not to mention that those thigh-high white stockings made her look like a school slut.


When the professor’s husband arrives, all hell breaks loose: he makes them both suck his big dick while one of them alternatively sucks on his saggy balls for his pleasure. Later on the blonde little slut is left to suck him dry while professor trains her student’s ass with a clear, glass dildo. She ultimately get brutally fisted by professor while she manages to make her husband cum using her oral skills.


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Sexy redhead gets her ass, mouth and pussy abused in a bar by two horny men with big dicks

I always thought that natural, red-headed women were beautiful, if they happen to have freckles as well, I am greatly impressed and if they also happen to love getting fucked hard in the ass then the rough sex video is almost hard to resist viewing.


The guys in this hardcore video must really be into redheads as well, and who wouldn’t love a good cumslut like her since she sucks these incredibly large dicks with such ease as if she was born to do this… And she has no problem getting on her knees for this, stripping naked, offering her nipples to be pinched and caressed.


She looks pretty proud with her anal skills and shows these horny men with big cocks that her ass is well trained and they’d do best to not go easy on her because she likes rough sex and nothing else. One man can hardly keep his stiff cock away from her ass so he slaps her inviting ass cheeks with it while she gently pulls out some giant anal balls that were teasing her ass hole.


But that other dominating man has been staying away from her, jerking off all by himself for too long while his friend has been having fun with this ginger lady, so one man dives directly in her ass hole while the other brutally fucks her throat just how she likes it.
Being a sex slave and having a powerful anal fetish, just one cock up her ass will not do so she inserts her anal beads and lets the more dominating of the two men fuck her ass. Such a feeling cannot end in any other way than an orgasm from all three of them.


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Woman in latex stockings gets fucked in the ass, abused and used by a dominating man and woman

One of these days, if I win the lottery, I know what I’ll do: I’ll buy myself every sultry uniform that there is out there. This kinky sex video is, of course, with two gorgeous women with the most beautiful stockings ever seen that play with their asses and when another man joins in with the action, all hell breaks loose and both of them become submissive and fall to their knees in front of him.


The colours that these girls are wearing are complementary so they stand out, making sure that you can tell whom is who not only by attitude but also by uniform. Latex and cotton never got along so well in any other place than in this video. I really love the passion and attitude that these horny women have, seeing how docile is one while the other pierces her tiny ass hole with a huge strap-on toy. That really makes me want to go and have my own fun with that special someone.


And the one with the latex stockings is no stranger to huge objects up her ass, seeing how easily she gets used to the size of that strap on. And the way she arches her back will surely make your cock solid, it is if she is begging on purpose to have her hair pulled, but you cannot always have what you want so she only gets her ass drilled hard.


After a few more minutes of playing, it’s time to bring out the big guns so she gets her ass fisted by her female friend while her clit is shown some special attention from a Hitachi toy. Later on, this more submissive woman in latex stockings is made to wear a mouth gag that has a dildo ending, is put flat on the ground and has her face ridden by the more dominating woman.


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Submissive blonde is given an enema after which she is made to fuck a guy and get her ass explored

I have my share of favourite porn stars and I have to admit that Amy Brooks is one of them. She always has this energy that makes brutal sex seem like the greatest thing on earth and to me, well, it is in my top five favourite activities. She is also hot and knows how to take a cock, be it in her hungry mouth, desirable cunt or tiny ass hole.


Of course, any good girl knows that before any sort of anal training or kinky sex, you need to clean you little ass hole so Amy is a good girl and shows everybody how it’s done. This, itself is a very erotic experience: parting the cheeks and bending over, exposing yourself completely for whomever watches.


In this extreme anal video, Amy puts on a cute, purple, latex suit that fits her perfectly and makes her ass seem even bigger so it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a big dildo to plug her ready and now stretched ass hole.


Another submissive woman is brought to the scene and Amy is forced to lick her ass hole too. I can almost feel the taste on my lips, the feeling of having someone forcefully push your face between a woman’s ass cheeks must feel so good. In return, this dominating woman holds her face while the more virile man takes control and shows these ladies how it feels to be fucked really hard in the ass.


Later on, Amy is granted permission to ride that potent dick all by herself while this dominating woman has her way with Amy’s ass, penetrating it with that same, big, pink dildo with which she prepared her ass for brutal fucking. All in all everyone had a good time during this hardcore sex session.


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Two women get their big asses fucked and abused by a dominating man while wearing stockings

I don’t know about you but I happen to love big asses. They way they look, the way clothes go over them, the way they giggle when they are exposed at he beach or near a pool. Asses fascinate me and women with big asses always tend to have a bigger appetite for sex which, obviously is a fantastic thing. If the sex happens to be hardcore, even better. And there is nothing more suited than a fat cock fucking a fat ass brutally…


In this kinky video, we see it all, two beautifully thick woman enjoying a clear, big dildo while bound in latex stockings and one happens to be punished and occasionally slapped on that big ass by her female partner after which she is penetrated by that clear dildo. She is put over her lap just like a little spoiled brat with a huge ass and beautiful tits.


After undergoing some serious teasing and ass training, this beautiful woman gets her ass hole fisted and the look on her face shows how much she enjoys it, no matter how hard she tries to hide her sighs and moans. But a woman can handle only so much pleasure so the more submissive one has her mouth gagged with a gag that has a dildo end which, this more dominating lady chooses to ride in her ass, while straddling her face.


When a man is shown such a kinky site, it is obvious that he will wish to join in on the fun so he commands the ladies to sit one on top of each other while he fucks the luckiest of the two ladies in her ass and the other gets a giant, clear dildo up her ass in the meantime. After a few minutes of this wonderful anal action, the three of them came all at the same time.


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Blonde, kinky woman shares a double-ended dildo with another woman that licks her ass out

These two women have a lot in common but I will only point out the obvious: they love brutal, anal sex. It is if they cannot function normally if they don’t have an orgasm while having anal sex and for someone that has every had an orgasm by anal stimulation, knows exactly what I’m talking about. Once you came that way it’s hard not to get addicted because the orgasm intensifies tenfold.


When you also have a man that takes care of your ass and you take care of you best female friend, incredible orgasms are hard to avoid. These two ladies must have had the time of their lives sharing that thick double-ended dildo while one of them is force-fed that beautiful, aggressive-looking dick that was just made for sucking and for having extreme sex with gaping ass holes.


It is not long after playing with that naughty dildo that the blonde from this BDSM video is put on her back, has her throat abused by her female companion and her ass gets fucked as well by this dominating man that loves anal sex so much.


And after all these years there is something that never gets old and that is the ass-to-mouth practice. Not only does it look super-erotic but the taste just stimulates you so badly if you happen to be on the receiving end. Just by looking at this kinky sex video I couldn’t help myself and I came so hard like I didn’t in a very long time and I wish you the same, wonderful experience.


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