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Brown-haired plump girl gets her ass and mouth stretched while forced to pee on a stool

This video is certainly for all those of you that love water sports and beautiful women, this woman is both ripe and has gorgeous tits and ass and also loves to pee and get pissedd on. And I have a feeling that the man that is accompanying her in this BDSM video is her Master since this practice is actually an intimate one and cannot be practised with just anyone but with someone that you really trust.


To get his slave ready, he constantly teases her, caressing her beautiful breasts and pussy, slowly probing her ass, stretching it open, first with one finger, then two, three until his whole fist fits in.


She sits on all fours, obedient, listening to everything that He tells her to do, she is relaxed as His voice guides her through, making her holes open and drip at His command. She is then made to suck cock, doing what she likes best, that is, and he constantly trains her ass, inserting in it a few balls that are attached to a string.


Master always wants his docile slave to overcome her limits so he makes he piss while standing on a stool and He makes her suck his dick all the while, triggering her multi-tasking skills. For being lazy or for forgetting the correct rhythm in which Sir likes to be sucked off she gets her huge tits spanked.


Her ultimate challenge is when he fucks her now loose ass while having a big toy inserted in there. A challenge that she surpasses bravely so her reward is his warm cum on her tongue.


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